Submit Your Home for Holiday Lights

Christmas Lights

If you have decorated your home for the Holiday Season and want others to see your handiwork, please share the address with us! We’ll add it to the Holiday Lights page so that others can find you and drive by and appreciate your Holiday Spirit! By submitting your home on this listing, you understand that there may be an increase in traffic to your street. We ask that those participating on this list be willing to have their exterior Holiday lights on daily from sunset until 9pm – *weather permitting.

*(In extremely windy conditions or rain it is often not safe to have lights on)

Once you’ve submitted the form below, you will receive a auto-confirmation letting you know it arrived a-okay and we’ll typically post your home to our listing within 24 hours. Okay … LET’S GO and Happy Holidays!

  • To allow people to look up directions, please provide a specific street address, not just a general neighborhood description.
  • For those folks who aren't mapping out their route online! 🙂
  • Feel free to share any additional information you would like folks to know...
  • This is for Boulder City Social's use ONLY ... it's for your submission confirmation or in case I have a question/concern about your listing. It will not be published or used for any other reason.