A Very Special Thank You to Boulder City

Thank You Boulder City, Nevada

This is something that we’ve never done before – but felt that this was so very much worth sharing with all of you – our fellow friends, neighbors and residents of Boulder City. This lovely lady Lorelei, pictured here with her husband Andrew and daughter Isla, sent us this letter asking us to share it with you. It’s a Thank You to Boulder City, and it touch our hearts to much, we just had to do as she asked. So please read and take this to heart and remember how special our town is, and the fact that it’s every one of us who make it special. Enjoy.

Dear Boulder City,

I spent a month in the world’s oldest desert in Africa before arriving to Nevada. I watched monkeys scale red rocks, sunsets fade behind mountainous dunes, dust tornadoes swirl in vast spaces of nothingness like nature’s ballerinas on a stage. 

I thought I was ready for the desert, having examined and appreciated her unique beauty for a whopping…four weeks. But the truth is, I am not a desert person. Living in the Mojave has proven my distaste for chronic dehydration, yet as I sit here writing this, my eyes feel rather humid.

We were both overseas when my spouse’s job sent him to Nellis AFB, so we found our new address online, site unseen, in Henderson. And it was fine. There were lots of parks. A Target. And a wonderful hospital system that cared for me and my babe during my first pregnancy and a tumultuous delivery. 

But being just a 15-minute drive away, we found ourselves in Boulder City dang near every weekend. Bratwurst Festival?! Yes, please! Spring Jubilee?! Don’t mind if we do! Film festival, Fourth of July events, Christmas parade—check, check, check. Small businesses, lush parks, lake views…we couldn’t stay away. Our lease in Henderson ended in the throes of the pandemic, and we made the leap into a humble abode in BC.

My husband was happy to commute through a national recreation area everyday, avoiding freeways and traffic. And I felt at home in the desert for the very first time.

Home is a good sense to feel in one of the toughest seasons your life.

The birth of my heart-on-legs (daughter) in 2019 triggered unforseeable health issues for me. I struggled to continue to work from home alone with an infant, with no options for childcare to be found. When the pandemic began, I was a new mom with no friends or family in the area. I felt like I was drowning under the weight of caring for my daughter the best I could with the strength I had any given day. Frankly, I often felt like I was failing.

And then, Jack and the Beanstalk opened their doors. For the first time, I had affordable help with my girl. She absolutely loved her time at Miss Patti’s place, and it was thrilling to watch her emotionally-socially soar, so that I could turn an eye on myself for a change. This was the most extraordinary gift—thank you, Patti.

I was able to start taking time to care for my body and mind, which included regular visits to Jodie Seals of Mind Body Restoration. I have lived in three countries, five states, and twelve cities, all in which I’ve seen various body workers and health practitioners. Jodie is a world-class healer. She is a world-class human and business leader. Like many business owners here, she offers genuine friendship and authentic care beyond transactions. Jodie, my body, mind, and heart are forever changed because of you. Thank you.

Only a few months into our residency in Boulder City, in a historically turbulent social and political climate, and we were finding…refuge. Boulder City felt like a microcosm of the nation, with visible displays of discord and disagreement through one of the downright crappiest times of all our lives. And yet, despite this, new businesses opened and older ones maintained; I saw neighbors serving neighbors, and strangers giving away kindness in unexpected ways.

In two months time, I had two strangers pay for my breakfast when I was alone with my daughter. You see, childcare and physical reprieve came at a divine time. My husband left in January for a six-month professional training, and I braced myself for solo parenting a toddler who still was not sleeping through the night. I shudder to think what these last months could have looked like if we hadn’t been in BC.

Here, I have been surrounded by generous, loving neighbors. Most of our direct neighbors were retired grandparents, coping with their own personal hell of isolation in a public health crisis. And despite that, despite their vulnerability, I had a collection of phone numbers I could call on night or day if I needed help. The number I abused the most belonged to Craig Kelso.

Former educator and chaplain, and forever rebel and revolutionary, Craig decided to make me family. Just like that, I had someone keeping an eye on the house with each evening dog walk, someone checking the air in my car tires, helping me with house projects, and perhaps most importantly, positively engaging my mind and soul in interesting, expansive conversation. Craig, you are easily responsible for at least a quarter of the tears falling over my keyboard right now. We love you so much, and we will see you again soon. Thank you.

Another quarter of my tears belong to Temple Fleckner of BC Real Estate, our property manager. An earth angel, Temple continuously checked on me the last five months alone with my little one. When I called her sounding like a deranged mother duck, panicking because my one-year-old broke the childproofing and locked herself in the bathroom, she was ready to send over the fire department (and probably the National Guard, if she had the power). Temple not only offered comfort and cohesion through clear and continuous communication on business matters, she also took time to pray with me by phone, to check on me regularly, to wish me a happy Mother’s Day…to love me as I was, where I was. Temple, we will miss you so much. You are extraordinary.

I’m eating my final ham and cheese croissant and sipping my last latte at Boulder City Company Store as I key this letter. What a joy it’s been to watch the resilience of this small business take shape. Your business is wonderful, and I’ve appreciated so many special moments shared with my family on your big leather couch.

I’ve appreciated the clean, well-maintained parks that became the only place to go for so many months; the place I saw my daughter do so many ‘firsts’. I’ve appreciated the lovingly protected streets I could safely walk at any hour. I’ve appreciated the spunky, polite teenagers at Soda at the Nest who memorized my order. I’ve appreciated Candy at Ooh La La for caring for my fur baby and always having a treat for my human baby when we came by. I’ve appreciated the many strangers with whom I’ve exchanged early morning words while our dogs sniffed each other out. I’ve appreciated the big horned sheep, even when they ravaged our bushes or prompted a hasty reroute on a morning walk to avoid a sheep vs. dog throwdown. There’s truly too many things to list. 

Boulder City, I deeply, truly appreciate you. You’re not perfect—no place is—but you’ve got one hell of a special spirit.

Our call to move has come again, and I felt compelled to tell you just how important you’ve all been to our little family. With my husband still away, I’ve been managing an interstate move with a toddler (in tax season!), and I’m sure I haven’t entirely lost my mind because of you, Boulder City.

I may not be a desert person, but Boulder City ‘dam’ near convinced me of it. 

Perhaps you never knew us, perhaps you won’t remember us; but we will always remember our time in this town. From every corner of my heart, I thank you. 


Lorelei, H.

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