Ballot Question 1

Grocery Store Map Boulder City, Nevada

There are three Boulder City-specific ballot questions for residents to consider in the November election. We will be taking each one and discussing them more in-depth to assist our readers in coming to the conclusion they feel is best for the community.

You can read in detail each of the questions in your Mail Ballot Supplement that was delivered by mail a few weeks ago, or you can check out the information on the City’s website HERE.

The first ballot question concerns the sale of just over sixteen acres of City- owned land along Veterans Memorial Drive, southeast of US 93/Boulder City Parkway. The sale of this parcel of land has been widely debated, as are all land sales in Boulder City, so we are answering the most frequently asked questions about this ballot initiative.

First of all, we need to make sure we’re talking about the correction location. The parcel of City-owned land is currently in its native state – no improvements, such as roads, drainage berms, etc. have been constructed. The property on the southeast corner of US 93/Boulder City Parkway and Veterans Memorial Drive is fenced-off, privately owned, and maintained. Some years ago, some improvements were made to this property. It is not connected with the land sale on the ballot.

What constitutes a “grocery store,” and how could that be construed by a potential buyer? For example, could a large convenience store qualify? The answer is no, a large convenience store does not provide full-service grocery items. The use of the property would have to meet that definition that would be created for a future deed restriction that would require a full-service grocery store.

Another question that’s been asked is whether the City Council could, at some later date after voter approval of the land sale, change the requirement that a grocery store be constructed on the site. The answer to that question is an emphatic “No.” The land would be sold with a deed restriction that would require the owner to comply with the terms (namely that a grocery store be constructed on the land in question). If, for some reason, a buyer could not be found, any other use would require voter approval before the land could be sold.

Some have wondered whether a second grocery store is legitimately possible in Boulder City. Those who have been here a while will certainly recall that at one time, three grocery stores operated in Boulder City. Two were regional chain stores (Vons/Haggen’s and Albertsons), and the third was an independent store called Central Market.

The challenge in locating a second grocery store has been finding suitable privately-owned land on which to locate the store. Evaluations have been completed by several companies, and they have indicated that they would only consider a location with the most daily traffic counts, which is Boulder City Parkway.

What would happen if the ballot question didn’t pass is another popular inquiry. In the event the question does not pass, the City would simply retain ownership. All City-owned land sales of greater than one acre require the approval of Boulder City voters.

Could the land be sold for another commercial use, like a distribution center? The answer is no. This ballot question only allows for the sale to a company that would develop a full-service grocery store and associated retail uses.

Lastly, could the City Council stop a large chain such as Walmart from purchasing the land and constructing a supercenter? Fortunately, the sale of the land is still subject to the approval of the City Council. The City Council would set the criteria and standards for development through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process, and if the responses were not to their liking, they could decide not to sell the land at all.

We hope that this information will help our readers make an informed decision when going to the polls next month.

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