Boulder City Police Looking For A Few Good Volunteers

Police Volunteers Needed Boulder City, Nevada

Ask not what your City can do for you – but what you can do for your City!

That’s what the Boulder City Police Department wants you to think about, because they are looking for a few more volunteers to lend their time and talent to their existing force.

We received this request and the following information from one of the members of the Volunteer team at BCPD who shares a bit of information about what is involved, below:

What do you give the city?  You give them your eyes, mind, brain, and talking ability (the ability to communicate) and in return, you get the self- satisfaction of possibly helping someone on the worst day of their life or just helping to make things a little better for them.

How else do the volunteers help? They notice things. What type of things, you may ask?  Things that are unusual, such as several people walking down a street and as they pass parked cars, one of them always checks to see if the doors are locked. A person walking slowly down the street, going to the front of some ones house, and looking in a window. After dark, the guy or gal that walks through the business district shaking the doors to see if any of them are unlocked.

They talk to people! On occasion, they are asked to talk about neighborhood watch, retail security, active shooter, etc. Sometimes it is one on one.  Sometimes it is talking to a group. 

They act as those extra eyes. The officers that are out on the street may be tied up on something serious and so they just are not available for normal patrol.  The Volunteers are. They continue to look, and listen for the sounds that may indicate a problem. On nice summer nights, you might be surprised at what they hear and see. You will not believe the number of garage doors that are left open in town!

They also help many of the most helpless in our society. We are proud to have our You Are Not Alone (YANA) Program where we visit and call the elderly that have no one else to help them. The ones that outlive their family or their relatives live too far away. 

Lastly, we try to soothe the savage beast behind the wheel of a car. We do radar surveys, we watch for people that fail to stop at marked stop signs. We do not confront or write citations but we do make sure that violators are notified that they have been observed.

If you are interested, the hours involved are about 10 hours per month, and you’ll receive full training in all that is required. The duties are non-hazardous, you don’t carry any weapons, and uniforms are furnished. information, please contact Pat Richardson, Volunteer Coordinator at 702 589-9603.

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