Boulder City Veterans Pilot Group

Pictured (from left to right, with aircraft noted in parantheses): Mike “Mustang” Bruno (RV-8), Chad “Hesty” Hesterman (RV-7A), Pat DuLaney (Ground Support). Mark “Dula” DuLaney (RV-6A), Mike “KB” Smith (RV-7A), Scott “Gooch” Anderson (RV-8), Geoff Morris (Ground Support), Dr. Angela “Scrubs” Palmer (RV-3) and Tommy “Vader” Palmer (RV-8)

No doubt you’ve seen them overhead at many of our special events, like the Damboree Parade, which will be taking place tomorrow. Perhaps you saw them back in May when they did a flyover for a memorial service for a local veteran. You’ve seen them, but you didn’t KNOW who they are. 

We’d like to take this time to introduce you to them all, including the pilots and ground crew who will be flying on Saturday. So, courtesy of Mr. Mark DuLaney, here they are!



The Boulder City Veterans Pilot group proudly presents the 2021 Damboree Parade Flyover. These pilots are all freedom-loving Patriots that are proud to fly in support of our Nation’s Independence Day celebration.

Boulder City is a town blessed with many special people. We see that everyday in our interactions around town. But sometimes we are reminded that special occasions call for special people who give us our town that little measure that makes Boulder City extra special. That’s where the Boulder City Veterans Pilots Group comes in.

The pilots and ground support crew would like to dedicate today’s presentation to all of our soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors that are on the front lines each and every day protecting our freedoms. We are so PROUD of you and thank you for your service!

Today’s we will fly by in 3 separate elements, and our 3rd and last pass will be a flight of 8 aircraft followed by 3 aircraft in trail. Tomorrow’s pilots are:


  1. Mark “Dula” DuLaney RV-6A
  2. Paul “Rosie” Rosales RV-6A
  3. Chad “Hesty” Hesterman RV-7A
  4. Mike “KB” Smith RV-7A


  1. Mike “Mustang” Bruno RV-8
  2. Scott “Gooch” Anderson RV-8
  3. Tommy “Vader” Palmer RV-8
  4. Angela “Scrubs” Palmer RV-3


  1. Rob “Lips” Hertberg T-6 Texan
  2. John “Doc” Anson RV-8A
  3. Dan “Taz” Christman Yak-52

If you missed us the first time, hang on for just a few minutes because “Wing of Freedom” FREEDOM Flight is going to come back over the Parade route for a second and 3rd pass.

They want to wish all a Happy 4th of July!!

Here is more info about each pilot, also courtesy of Mark DuLaney:

1. Mark “Dula” DuLaney:

Retired LTCol from the USAF and recently retired from Southwest Airlines Dula flew the T-38, F-4, F-5 and F-16 in the Air Force. Currently he and his wife Patricia are in the lead White and Maroon/Blue striped RV-6A. They have owned their aircraft since 2000 and have accumulated over 1500 hours on it.

2. Paul “Rosie” Rosales:

Rosie is here today from Rosamond, California and has been flying as a private pilot for 40 years.  Rosie has been flying formation flights for the past 18 years and flies an RV-6A that he and his wife started building in 1995 and first flew in the year 2000.  They have flown their RV over 4,700 hours to 49 states and numerous islands in the Caribbean Sea, including flights above the Arctic Circle to the north and Grenada to the South;.  He works for Northrop Grumman as a Systems Engineer. 

3. Chad “Hesty” Hesterman:

Hesty is a long time Boulder City resident and has been a staple at the Boulder City airport for many years. He completed his RV-7A aircraft in 2018 and earned his formation credentials in 2020. Chad currently is a First Officer for Southwest Airlines.

4.  Mike “KB” Smith:

Mike is a retired Col from the USAF. He flew many aircraft in the Air Force including the T-38, A-1E Skyraider, and A-7. He is a Veteran of the Vietnam War, and a systems engineer who was instrumental in the Air Force missile programs. Mike built his RV-7A in  2005 and has accumulated over 1300 hours. A true American war hero!

5. Mike “Mustang” Bruno:

Mustang is a relatively new resident to Boulder City, having moved here in 2018. Retired from American Airlines, Mustang is also retired from the Air Force Reserve after serving as a Combat Pilot in the A-10 Warthog for 15 years. Mike built and is flying his RV-8 aircraft.

6. Scott “Gooch” Anderson:

You may wonder how Scott got his callsign, “Gooch”? Well, his airplane is so complete with many features that we say it is all “Gucci”….hench Gooch. Scott built his airplane from scratch within 2 years by himself. A record time to build an RV-8. He earned his formation credentials in 2020 with Hesty.

7. Tommy “Vader” Palmer:

Vader and his wife Angela are our newest residents of Boulder City, having just brought their planes in from Arkansas this past week. Vader is a Formation Check Pilot, Airplane and Powerplant mechanic, and a First Officer for Southwest Airlines. He is flying his fully aerobatic capable RV-8.

8. Angela “Scrubs” Palmer:

Angela is the prettier half of the Palmer duo flying with us today. She is flying her single seat and unique RV-3 aircraft, one of the first of the Van’s Aircraft designs. Angela and Tommy have just moved to Boulder City from Little Rock, Arkansas and she will be joining the surgical team at the Spine and Brain Institute as a neurosurgeon.

9. Rob “Lips” Hertberg:

Lips is flying his North American T-6 Texan which was a WWII trainer aircraft. Rob is retired from the Air Force where he flew F-16’s. Lips currently works as a contractor for the Air Force at Nellis AFB. He is also very active in the Commorative Air Force (CAF) flying the T-6 and the Japanese WWII Zero. He is also very instrumental in the Aviation Nation airshow held every other year at Nellis AFB.

10. John “Doc” Anson:

Doc is flying his RV-8A aircraft today. He is also partners with Lips in the T-6. Doc heads up the Spine and Brain Institute in Las Vegas.

11. Dan “Taz” Christman:

Taz is flying his Russian made Yak-52 trainer aircraft. Dan is a flight instructor at the AirWorks flight School at the North Las Vegas Airport. He is currently on active duty as a Lt. Col. In the United States Air Force and will be retiring at the end of this year.

In addition to the pilots overhead, they also have a ground crew supporting them as well. This group includes Geoff Morris and Pat DuLaney, wife of pilot Mark DuLaney. She will also be flying with him over the parade route on Saturday. 

Let’s look forward to this tradition with renewed appreciation for those who have flown for our country and our town. We are lucky to have them!

Pictured (from left to right with the aircraft they’ll be flying in parentheses): Chad “Hesty” Hesterman (RV-7A), Scott “Gooch” Anderson (RV-8), Mike “Mustang” Bruno (RV-8), Mike “KB” Smith (RV-7A), Mark “Dula” DuLaney (RV-6A), Pat DuLaney (Ground Support), Dr. Angela “Scrubs” Palmer (RV-3), Tommy “Vader” Palmer (RV-8) Geoff Morris (Ground Support)

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