Boulder City’s New Fire Engine

Oh heck yes – we knew there was a new fire engine on the way, because we the voters approved that purchase in the last election cycle. But, we got busy, and well, now even busier with this coronavirus stuff, but finally found a day where we could go take a look at this pretty new bad-boy fire engine!

That’s Firefighter, Carl Ford you see pictured there. Apparently in the pecking order he’s the newest guy, and thus has to show this silly blogger around that cool new engine. (There’s some informal rule about how no one will be pictured in the media, unless he buys dessert for the rest of the crew. So, we’re unclear if he owes desert or not, but we’re sure one of our local eateries can hook him up!)

Anyhow…this brand new, custom built fire engine is something our Department surely is proud of and badly needed! Ford says that it significantly increases the amount of water they can direct toward a blaze, from 500 gallons to 750 gallons, which he says is important especially if they are not close to their source of water.

Also important is that this is a ‘clean cab’ model. In their older fire trucks, they have to dress for the fire, fight it, and then are covered with carcinogens and then they climb back into their cab, all full of bad stuff that’s gotten onto them and their gear while fighting a blaze. And they breathe that in – not good. Now, they gear up at the scene, and then when finished, store the gear in it’s own enclosed area, keeping them safer. Mind you, he says they still had to drill to be dressed and fully geared up in less than 2 minutes flat – which they can do in the new engine too!

The truck also has upgrades to the electrical panels and equipment and tools, which are now cordless and battery operated, except for saws which Ford says are still gas powered. It also has fancy new lights up front, sure to delight children of all ages, when it goes whizzing by.

When asked how they are holding up with all of the COVID-19 activity, Ford just thanked Chief William Gray and the community, saying how awesome most residents have been in staying relatively calm and supportive during these challenging times.

We’ll look forward to seeing our firefighters and their snazzy new equipment in what we hope will soon be happier times – such as their annual Pancake Breakfast or National Night Out, later this year. Thanks for the tour BCFD!



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