Chief of Police Lawsuits: All But One Dismissal

Boulder City, Nevada Police Chief UpdateSoooo…I like to be careful about reporting important stuff (because I’m not a reporter, after all)…but I heard a rumor today that the Clark County Court dismissed Boulder City Chief of Police’s lawsuit against the attorney for the Mongols.

[The original post can be found by clicking here if you want a refresher.]

I understand it was on the basis of anti-SLAPP [SLAPP is defined on Wikipedia as a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation: a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition].

This being big stuff, I did reach out to the attorney in question (okay, we all know it’s Stephen Stubbs) and he did confirm that his motion to dismiss was granted this morning (so yes, now I have fact-checked, but that still doesn’t make me a real reporter).

And THEN…it seems that right after this happened, there was a “voluntary dismissal” of the lawsuits against three of the four remaining defendants (the current BCPD employee, the retired BCPD employee and the city attorney). The lawsuit against the city councilperson was not voluntarily dismissed.  At least, that’s what is reflected on the Clark County Courts’ website (yes, more fact-checking), so there you have it.

I’m pretty sure this will burn up on the Facebook page, so here’s the link to the post where you can read any comments by fans…click here.

Update as of 1/16/13:  The lawsuit against the city councilperson has now also been voluntarily dismissed.

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