City Council Candidates Night ~ Thursday

Boulder City Community Alliance Boulder City Council Candidates NightThe first (of two we know about) Candidates Night to hear from all eight people in the running for the two City Council vacancies will be hosted by the Boulder City Community Alliance (website here | Facebook group here) and it will be at 6:30pm (Thursday, February 16th, 2017) at the Boulder City Library. Here’s a run-down of the format:


Each candidate will have 10 minutes to speak and will be asked to answer the below questions in that time:

  1. Do you think the Master Plan should be updated? Why and how would you like to see it changed?
  2. Do you think the growth ordinance as it currently stands is right for the community as a whole? Will you seek changes or keep it the same and protect it?
  3. How do you plan to hear the concerns of the community? Do you agree with complete transparency?
  4. Do you think the historic buildings of Boulder City should be protected? How do you plan to enforce your ideas?
  5. What concerns do you have with the incoming of I-11? What 3 things would you like the City to do in preparation of I-11?
  6. What do you want Boulder City to look like in the next 5 years? 10 years?
  7. Who are your 5 primary fund contributors to your campaign?


At the end of each speech, candidates will be asked to sign the following pledge:

“I, (full name) do pledge to show my support and commitment to the residents of Boulder City for the length of my elected term, should I be voted in to serve on the City Council. I will enforce and embrace our current Master Plan, and make updates based on community support. I will keep and protect our current Growth Ordinance. I will provide ethical conduct and always put concerns of the community first. I will protect and preserve Historic Buildings, and work to establish codes that will enforce their protection. I will actively listen to community input and act based on input. I will support local business growth and development. And I will look for options other than large growth to support issues facing Boulder City.”


After all candidates have had their turn at the podium, the candidates will be asked to step out so that there can be a group discussion (from 8:40 – 9:20pm), followed by a vote to determine who Boulder City Community Alliance will support in the race.

So there’s all the info for you on this first event … a second Candidate Night will be held in early March – more information on who is hosting that one, candidate participation, format and when/where as all that info becomes available…

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