City Council Candidates Podcast Series

Podcast Cokie Booth Boulder City, Nevada

We are super excited about this! Yesterday, we gave you the full listing of ALL 13 of our Boulder City City Council Candidates HERE. But with 13 now running in this first Primary run-off election, that’s a whole lot of homework to do! And let’s face it, the restrictions currently in place make it a bit more challenging than normal to meet folks and have gatherings or live in-person debates where we can understand where these folks stand on the issues that matter to you the most.

Last year, we’d met and teamed up with our friend with the ‘velvet voice’ as we like to call him, writer and publisher, Roger Gros. At the time he was starting the Boulder City Podcast series, and we published one of his first interviews. But…the pandemic did this, and 2020 did that…and we know how that story goes.

But we recently reached out to Roger, and together created this idea that this would be a great way for you all to get to know our candidates better, so we’re thrilled to share with you, that we will try to interview each and every one of these folks, and share these interviews with you on!

A few points of order for you, so you understand:

  • All of the candidates will be asked the same questions, and have the opportunity to review them and prepare in advance
  • There is no ‘order’ or preference you should apply to the way and rate these roll out. That is based purely on availability and scheduling. All candidates have been made aware of this opportunity, and some may chose not to participate
  • You won’t need to download any special App or anything, you can listen live, anytime from your phone or computer from the link we provide
  • All opinions expressed during these Podcasts are those of the Candidates and the Host expressly and do not necessarily reflect the views of, its owners or authors

We had initially planned on dropping one Podcast episode, per week. But we now have more candidates than weeks until the Primary, so please keep your eyes pealed, but plan on one interview each and every Sunday, at least.

And also, to help make this easy for you, as these podcasts are created, they will all live on one page on our site HERE. This way you’ll be able to easily find them and won’t have to scroll around hunting for them!

So….without further ado, please take a listen HERE to Roger Gros’ first interview with candidate Cokie Booth!

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