Connie Ferraro Mural Tour of BC

Some months ago, I emailed Connie Ferraro and asked her if she would mind my posting a slideshow featuring some of her murals and any other ones that she might have done that aren’t on public display around Boulder City.

She graciously sent over some photos from private homes and some of her earlier work, all of which is in the slideshow for ya.

A little additional info that you might not know is that Connie was born in Pittsburgh, but spent 32 years living in New York City, during which she danced professionally in many Broadway and TV shows.

Toward the end of her dancing career, she studied art off and on for about 9 years and ultimately moved to Boulder City in 1989.

Connie’s first mural was in 1999 on Avenue B (across from the ” Backstop” on the Porter building across the street) “The History of Boulder City”. That was the first of about 20 murals she’s done for both businesses and private homes.

And there you have it — the life, times and work to date of the fabulous Connie Ferraro!

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