Could Boulder City Receive The Nicest Places in America Honor?

Nicest Places America Contest Boulder City, NV

Did you know that Reader’s Digest started a Nicest Places in America program?

Now in it’s third year, Reader’s Digest is looking to acknowledge special people, places, neighborhoods and towns who are going above and beyond to make their communities special. And so one asks…why not us in Boulder City?

Now, what you need to understand first is that there are some very important rules to this process. The link to the main page from RD is HERE. Some additional thoughts if you wish to enter Boulder City, or any person or organization here in town are below. These are from the LVCVA, so please take them into consideration if you’re thinking about submitting an entry.

First, familiarize yourself with the entry form: We’re asking you to clear a pretty high bar:

  • This list isn’t about gorgeous parks, bustling main streets, and charming town squares. It’s about the people, acts of kindness, neighbors, friends, local movements, banding together to overcome tragedy and stories of overall niceness.
  • Multi-nominations are always welcome. Invite residents and fellow community organizations to nominate too! There are a million reasons that a place might be the Nicest in America, and we want to hear each and every one.

We are looking for detailed, heartwarming stories; specific images; links, news stories and videos – a whole package that tells us a compelling story of why your place is nice. Check out the factors for success listed below my signature.

Second, most of our finalists from years past have had multiple nominations, mostly from regular folks just telling their stories. The most effective way you can make sure your place gets noticed is by getting people in your area to also nominate it. What we want is their heartwarming stories – big and small – pictures they’ve taken and anything else they want to add. They can nominate Boulder City, or they can nominate a place within it, like a shop, neighborhood, school, place of worship, community center, library, or any other kind of place they think is “nice”. We’ll consider all those nominations together.

You have until May 31st to submit your entry – so get your thinking caps on Boulder City, and let’s see what happens with this!

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