Fan Photo by Paula Daily

Vermillion Flycatcher by Paula DailyI have a new pet bird in my backyard and I’ve named him Persy. He’s just the most gorgeous color of persimmon, so I thought the name fit perfectly!

I was telling my neighbor, Paula Daily, about how he dive bombs for bugs and she told me Persy is a Vermillion Flycatcher AND that she’d recently taken a photo of him sitting on her backyard fence (see below)!

All About Birds (.org) tells me that Persy is a male because he has a bright red-orange head and ‘underparts’ (which made me laugh, btw). He perches on a fence or wall until spying his small insect prey (usually flies, grasshoppers and beetles) and then swoops down to get it before returning to his perch with his snack.

Love Persy.  And yes, I plan to continue calling my Vermillion Flycatcher “Persy” – because “Vermy” just doesn’t have the same ring to it…

Vermillion Flycatcher by Paula Daily

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