Fan Photo: Strawberry Moon by Isaac Dewolf

StrawberryMoonFanPhoto Boulder City Nevada

Today”s Fan Photo is a gorgeous pic of a strawberry moon by Isaac Dewolf taken with an iPhone through a telescope.

What’s a strawberry moon? Well, according to Native American tradition, including the Algonquin, Ojibwe, Dakota and Lakota tribes, they refer to it as the strawberry moon because it appears around the same time that strawberries ripen and are ready to be gathered. Other names for this phenomena are blooming moon or green corn moon. Some tribes also refer to it as the birth moon, because many baby animals are born during this time as well. The Farmer’s Almanac notes that a strawberry moon occurs when there are two full moons in June. The second full moon is the strawberry moon. It’s sometimes considered the last full moon of spring or the first full moon of summer.

Do you have a fantastic Fan Photo to share with us? It’s easy to do so by clicking HERE. We are always looking forward to photos of Boulder City, its landmarks and features, special moments and other Boulder City-related content. Thanks again to Isaac Dewolf for his contribution!


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