Hands Free Fines Are More Than You Think!

Cell Phone in Boulder City, NVOkay, Boulder City-ites…we all know that as of Jan. 1st, the grace period for  violating the new Hands Free while driving law is over….but I heard that the fines were actually way more than the $50, $100 and $250 that I’ve heard on the news.

I gave a holler over to the Boulder City Municipal Court to ask and was told that indeed — by the time you add all the court, city, county and state fees together…they are substantially more.

So here’s a breakdown of fines you’ll face if you violate the “Unlawful Text/Sent/Read/Talk Cell Phone law here in Boulder City:

  • First Offense (484B.1654A) = $192 and it’s a misdemeanor + a non-moving violation
  • Second Offense (484B.1654B) = $302 and it’s a misdemeanor + a moving violation
  • Third Offense (484B.1654C) = $637 and it’s a misdemeanor, a moving violation and if it took place within 7 years of the first violation, results in a six (6) month suspension of your driver’s license.

Wow…that’s a mighty pricey phone call and I’m thinking worth pulling over for on my own…not because there’s a police officer with his lights on behind me!

p.s. – the exemptions still apply in that “emergency personnel and law enforcement are exempt, as is use of cell phone in a medical emergency or to report a hazardous condition or criminal activity”, so that’s good.

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