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Here is an update on what Giulian Grasso’s family has been up to, besides working hard to aid in his recovery.

For anyone who doesn’t know – Giulian Grasso is the 15 year old Boulder City youth who suffered a traumatic brain injury while riding his long board in April…likely one that could have been avoided had he been wearing a helmet.

The Grasso family has started a non-profit organization called “Headstrong G” and the best way to relay all of the information about it is to copy the letter Giulian’s Dad, Jeffrey Grasso, recently sent to Nevada Assemblyman Joe Hardy. Here is what is posted on their website and Facebook page:

Dear Mr. Hardy,

As a Father, Husband, Physician, Clark County District #20 Nevada Assemblyman and a Boulder City Resident, I am sure you can appreciate the following concerns.

My name is Jeffrey Grasso. I am a Father of four, a Husband, a Boulder City Resident and a Boulder City Police Officer. My son, Giulian Grasso suffered a traumatic brain injury on April 22nd, 2012 while riding his long-board in Boulder City. The complications which ensued were devastating. Giulian’s current 40 day stay at UMC Pediatric Intensive Unit is day by day. Over these last 40 days, we’ve initiated a foundation, Head Strong G.

Head Strong G’s focus will be a muti-aspect campaign. One of the first goals at Head Strong G is protective helmet legislation for wheeled and low-powered wheeled devices. Currently only 21 states have legislation pertaining to protective helmet safety when operating a bicycle.  Twenty-nine states have no legislation regarding wheeled device, bicycles, skateboard, roller blades, scooters, or mopeds regarding protective helmet safety, Nevada being in this category.

Secondly, Head Strong G will provide protective helmet education and awareness.

Thirdly, Head Strong G’s long term vision is to establish a stand alone Children’s Hospital which is a symbol of excellence in Clark County. Clark County has a population of 2.5 million, welcoming over 40 million visitors a year and we do not have a comprehensive stand alone Children’s Hospital, this is a travesty. If we can lead the nation in casinos, entertainment and food, then why not the standard for the nation in pediatric care.

Head Strong G believes the vigilant eyes of government have failed the Nevada residents. Many times the pride of an individual clouds the ability to make a responsible decision. This is where government should step in. Just like we have mandatory seat beat laws and vehicular cell phone laws in the Nevada, we should have a mandatory protective helmet law for human powered and low powered wheeled devices. The long arm of the law is needed to protect the children and the adults of Nevada when operating one of these devices.

This is an opportunity for Nevada to lead the charge in protective helmet safety. We owe it to the Nevada residents to set the standard for the rest America. I ask for your help in making Nevada the first State in the USA to implement comprehensive protective helmet safety laws. Nevada can lead the charge to “Helmet Up” and live it up.

I look forward to opportunity to share my concerns and Head Strong G’s initiative. Thank you.



Jeffrey Grasso
Head Strong G

If you are interested in finding out more about Head Strong G, you can send them an email through their website, accessible by clicking here.

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