Local Gardener Receives Wildlife Habitat Designation

Michelle Gemmill along with husband Matt, who many of you know as the owners of Quantum Printing and Boulder City Magazine, have also taken up a new hobby that has earned them some very special recognition!

Their home backyard has received designation as a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation! Personally, I never even knew that a private individual could apply for or achieve such a thing, so when I heard about it, I reached out to her immediately to learn more!

Michelle quickly admits that this was largely a coronavirus quarantine project that grew quickly (pardon the pun) out of a desire for healthy food and to supplement their grocery trips, which we all know, this spring were challenging. She says it gave her something positive and fulfilling to do during the long days of staying home.

Michelle had heard of the ability to apply for this from a friend in Arizona who did the same thing. You can learn more about the Mission of the NWF on their website, HERE.

Basically, they have a checklist that you must go through to apply, and you’re required to verify that a garden or potential designated area must provide for wildlife, via a number of elements for each of the following categories:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Cover
  • Places to Raise Young
  • Sustainable Practices

You’ll see below all of the various requirements that go into it. Michelle got motivated and started to work on fulfilling the list and created their own mini habitat in their backyard with their garden, bird feeders and houses, the water garden and other elements. They turned in the required information and then – boom – they received their award!

Here’s what’s even more fun – if a few folks here in Clean Green Boulder City felt like it, a group could come together to help get Boulder City recognition as Community Wildlife Habitat! What do you think of THAT idea folks! Information on that program is on their web site HERE.

Keep us posted if someone decided to take that project on – I think it would be awesome!

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