Medicare is Keeping It Secret That They Now Have To Pay For More

The Old Times Medicare Changes ArticleHere’s a “Gotta Know” … whether you have aging parents or are just getting closer to being classified as ‘aging’ yourself (that’s so me).

I saw a super interesting article in The Old Times (local free Boulder City newspaper available at stands throughout town) that was about Medicare being required to expand what they cover, but not being required to tell us (which I think is bogus).

The new rule actually expands the coverage we receive under Medicare by compelling them to cover the cost of more medical needs for the chronically ill.  This means that people with chronic conditions may be able to get the care they need to live in their own homes for as long as they need it (as opposed to give up independent living for institutionalized care), if they oth­erwise qualify for coverage.

Previously, Medicare would not pay for in-home care for patients it deemed had plateaued, that is to say, their conditions had not and would not improve. Thanks to a recent lawsuit, that poli­cy has been reversed, according to a report in the New York Times.

But here’s the kicker — Medicare officials were required to inform health care providers, bill processors, auditors, Medicare Advan­tage plans, the 800-MEDI­CARE information line and appeals judges — but not beneficiaries. That’s where the bogus part comes in … our coverage is expanded, but you don’t tell us?

The Old Times was kind enough to send me a copy of the article to re-publish here for you – it’s really worth taking a moment to read, which you can do by clicking on the image below for a full-sized PDF.  The article also contains information on resources for more info/assistance. Pass it on, we say!

The Old Times Medicare Changes Article

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