Medolac Getting An Updated Exterior

Medolac Remodel Exterior Boulder City, NV

This week, Medolac, located at the corner of Boulder City Pkwy. and Buchanan Blvd. began work on what will be a new, fresh exterior facade and sign for their building.

We sat down with the CEO and Chairman, Elena Medo, to hear the latest news and what’s been happening with them lately, and she has much to share.

They’ve been wanting to address the outside of the building for some time. The roof needs to be replaced, so they decided this was the perfect time for a redesign! They will get a snazzy sign (pictured above) and then will create a perimeter around the building to make it easier for them to secure their area as well. They’ll also have solar installed on the roof, (work provided by BC Electric and Boulder City Solar) which will help them be energy efficient.

Also in the works is what will be happening with the planned murals for the side of the building. We told you about that project quite a while back HERE, and the truth is it turned into quite a major undertaking! Artist, Connie Burnett-Ferraro, finished the panels for the mural, but they underestimated the engineering that would be needed to hang them. So they are now working on digital images of the mural which they will then hang. So, we’ll keep you posted on that!

Internally, they have accomplished a few additional triumphs as well. They recently completed a clinical trial at the University of Augusta, Georgia, which has been submitted for formal publication, and the product which is a fortifier made from human milk for premature babies, will release next year. Their capacity is huge, and says they can currently produce enough milk to serve the needs of every single premature baby born in the US. If you are still unfamiliar with Medolac, we’ve told you about their mission and business model in this interview, HERE.

They have had some stops and starts over the past years, and of course the pandemic and all that has spun out of it this year has affected them. Elena says they have about 35 employees currently, and are also still hiring more! She is thrilled to have been able to hire locals as much as possible, and has been very happy with a few members of Judge Miller’s Drug Court graduates. She has glowing things to say about that program and the benefits of how it helps people turn their lives around, and is very proud of them and all of her crew!

We’ll keep you posted on this important and very special local business as they evolve, and look forward to seeing their new building exterior as well as what lies ahead!

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