Meet Bruce…He’s My Bat.


So soon after the scorpion incident, ya’ll are going to think I’m running a zoo over here, I swear.  But it’s Halloween and I want to tell you about Bruce, my favorite bat.  This isn’t a recent incident, but of course – I wanted to save it for today!

Check out this CUTE little bat that stayed out a smidge too late and well, once the sun had come up – he didn’t know if he was coming or going.  What he WAS doing was desperately trying to find a some dark, safe place for the day.

Below is the picture I grabbed of him…what you’re looking at is the cement foundation at the base of my sliding glass door (and you can click on the picture for a larger view, too):

Bat in Boulder City, NV

Isn’t he cute?  Yes!  But…truthfully, he would likely have found a spot under by barbecue cover and I wasn’t so keen on that idea.   Anyway, he was in great distress, so I’m guessing that bats don’t do well in the direct sunlight.

So after naming him Bruce (Batman-inspired, of course) and taking his mug shot, I took the handle of my broom and really gently nudged him with it…he must have been glad for something to hang onto because he crawled right up on the handle and held on for dear life.

Aaaah…now the question is obvious…exactly what does one do with a “bat on a stick”?  Hey — no barbecue jokes!

Happily, I live right next to this:

Golf Course Pond in Boulder City, NV

And while you might see it as a lovely golf course lake, I saw it as a g-zillion little bat caves for Bruce to hang out in until the sun went down.  By the way, the golfers probably thought I was a complete whack-job carefully balancing a broom out in front of me as I walked across the green and gently stuck the end of my broom into some rocks.  But ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

As soon as I put the broom stick in one of the little caves, Bruce crawled right off and went in deeper – so that must have worked for him in a big way.  He was happy, I was happy and the golfers were amused…another day at the insane asylum that is my world.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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