Naturalblüm Brings Health and Wellness to Boulder City

Curt Gebers, owner of Naturalblüm

Naturalblüm is a new health and wellness store located at 501 Nevada Way, Suite 1. The store is currently open Thursday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM, Friday and Saturday from 9:00AM to 8:00PM and Sunday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. The first day of operation was July 2 and was a success. The owner, Mr. Curt Gebers, owns two other stores.

Naturalblüm offers a variety of CBD and CBG products designed to help with many conditions. Some studies have shown the compounds have anti-inflammatory, anti stress, and anti depression properties. The various formulations can enhance mood, improve calmness and improve circulation.

The CBG Bomb Balm is excellent for easing aching joints or relaxing muscle pain. it is created with essential oils added like rosemary, ginger, juniper berry and others so there’s no medicinal odor. The balm is creamy and goes on very smoothly, like a luxurious lotion.

The CBD Gummies currently come in 31 flavors, although more are planned. Some of the wonderful flavors include, watermelon, passion orange guava, acai berry lemon, mango lime chili, as well as formulas with melatonin like vanilla or cherry. The store offers one free sample per person.

Mr. Gebers oversees all aspects of the business. His award-winning farm was one of the first to cultivate the CBG flower that is part of so many of the store’s most popular products. His products are organic and vegan. For example, rather than using pesticides on his plants, he used more than 72,000 ladybugs to keep the pests away!! Everything is done with an eye to improving the lives of customers and Mr. Gebers is careful not to lose sight of his mission.

It’s important to note that his business is not a dispensary. CBD and CBG are not marijuana products. The products are safe for all ages, and even pets. Mr. Gebers can help you find the items that you need to live your best, healthiest life.

Naturalblüm offers a satisfaction guarantee for their products. For more information, stop by the store Thursday thru Sunday.

CBD/CBG Tinctures, CBD Gummies, CBD Gummies, CBG Bomb Balm/Photos courtesy of Naturalblüm



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Naturalblüm Brings Health and Wellness to Boulder City

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