New Business: Nest & Perch

Did you know we have a furniture store in town that sells NEW furniture? (In other words, not antiques?) Don’t get us wrong, second hand gems and antiques can be fun, but sometimes what you need is new furniture.

And now, you can shop for those items right here in Boulder City at Nest & Perch!

Meet Gabriel Nordeck (pictured left, above) and Chris Dumont (right). They’re the two owners of Nest & Perch, located at 1641 Boulder City Parkway, Suite A, near Roberto’s.

Chris comes with 20+ years of experience in the retail furniture industry, and Gabriel brings his technology expertise to the business. Originally, they started in Las Vegas as a home sales staging company – that’s where realtors hire them to stage an empty home with rented furniture to aid in the sales process.

Out of that, they realized that they had enough to stock a retail showroom, and the businesses launched quietly this past fall.

What’s most important to know, is that what you’ll see when you walk in the door, is only a fraction of what they carry. Everything they have on their online store HERE can be ordered for your home here in Boulder City!

So that means their ultimate selection is HUGE! Gabriel says they try to have a good blend of home décor to choose from. They have entry-level pieces for those just starting out with a tighter budget, all the way up to higher end furnishings. He says, “Everything we have here is something we would want to put in our own home. It’s one of our guiding principals when picking the vendors we work with.”

They both live here in town, and have made Boulder City their home now for the last two years. When we asked why here, they said it was because Boulder City reminded them of all the other charming towns in the American West they’ve visited over the years. Once they thought about where they’d really like to be – they know this was it.

Store hours are:

10:00-6:00 Monday – Friday
11:00-5:00 Saturday
Closed Sundays

We have to say we LOVED this place and the assortment of what is online is awesome. Please swing by to see all they have and give them a big ‘Welcome to Boulder City!’ #shoplocal

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