New Business: Thermography Screening Now Available in Boulder City

We thought that folks might be interested in knowing that for the first time ever, you can now get a Thermal Imaging Scan in Boulder City. What is that, you may ask?

DITI (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging) has been around for a while, and it can identify areas of the inflammation system and lymphatic congestion, which may be precursors to cancer or other diseases. These exams are completely without radiation, meaning they are different from most other types of body scans or mammograms.

Our local Certified Clinical Thermographer is resident Lisa Lohmann, and the screening room is inside Aura Sutra located at 1400 Colorado Street in Boulder City.

Lisa says that last year she was due for her first mammogram, and had heard about Thermal Imaging, and wanted her first breast exam screening done via this method. At the time, she could not find any technicians regularly providing the service in Las Vegas, and headed to San Diego to get hers done.

While there, she realized how much she believed in this technology and decided to get certified to perform this imaging. Which she did, as well as investing in the DITI camera and set up shop locally!

When you visit Lisa in the local studio, she takes all of the photo images and then sends them to a doctor in San Diego for their official reading. Then the results are sent back here, and shared with patients locally.

For those looking to learn more, you can check out the web site HERE. Mind you, we’re here only to share that these services are available. Everyone needs to obviously make their own decisions based upon their own research. But for those looking for these types of services, we thought it was well worth spreading the word here in town, that this is now locally available. (Why go over the hill if you don’t have to, is what we say!)

Prices are: Breast Scan – $250, Half Body – $370 and Full Body – $510. Right now through the end of the year, Lisa is running a special on the Full Body Scan for $150 off. You can make an appointment by calling 612-414-8247 (cell) or email at

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