New Speed Watch Program in Boulder City

Volunteer Police Boulder City, Nevada

We’ve seen more than a few complaints on social media about speeding in town, most especially (and of course of the greatest concerns when it comes to the safety of children) in residential areas and neighborhoods. It seems there are areas impacted by a few lead-footed folks who aren’t aware of their surroundings and how fast they might be traveling.

In response, we’re really happy to see that the Boulder City Police Department is going to harness the power of their Volunteers to start a new Neighborhood Speed Watch Program!

This team of 12 trained volunteers will now be on the streets with radar detectors to monitor traffic. Violators will have their car descriptions and license plate info reported to the BCPD staff. Reported violators will receive a courtesy letter letting them know of the observed violation…(cough, cough, that means if by chance a certain younger teenage driver using mom’s car gets noticed, your parents will find out!).

Note, these volunteers cannot issue traffic citations. The intent here is to have them assisting in crime prevention and that their presence in our neighborhoods will make folks be more aware of their driving and behavior that helps them self-check their driving habits and speed. More info can be found on the City’s website HERE.

So…let’s all try to mind the road rules and watch our speeds out there! #noleadfoots


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