New Volunteer Group Helps Residents In Need

This is becoming just one more of many reasons why we can all love, and be proud of Boulder City. Meet Zach Inman and this new group in town, calling themselves the Clean Green Boulder City Yard Squad.

This is a new organization, just having gotten started a few months ago. It’s purpose is to help those who can’t physically or financially take care of their outdoor yard space, get it cleaned, cleared and spiffed up.

Let’s face it; we have a lot of elderly folks here in town. And we all know they (or others with disabilities or other problems) may not have family close, by or the financial resources to do all that needs doing around their homes. Things pile up, become untidy, and before you know it, what was once a proud and pretty home can become an eye sore to the neighborhood.

That’s where this group comes in.

We spoke to founder Zach Inman, also known to many of you as ‘Zach of All Trades’, about how the idea for this got started.

He said a friend, in a panic, contacted him. She had received a letter from the City saying that her yard needed to be cleaned up, but she couldn’t do all that needed doing herself. Zach reached out to the City, and was told that the work was indeed being requested by the City, and that surely churches or other organizations could help this resident.

But that does create a question – CAN our local churches and other non-profits really do this type of work? Most would lack the equipment and resources. And that’s what pushed Zach to form up this organization and fill this local need.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad the City is gradually addressing issues where homes and yards are neglected. It’s a matter of civic pride, keeping crime low, and maintaining our home and neighborhood values. Homes should be kept clear of overwhelming weeds and debris. In an ideal world, our churches or other organizations would have the help needed. But we’re not in an ideal world, so a new reality had to be envisioned, and we’re glad a group has been formed to help those in need.

It’s an official 501(c ) 3 non-profit, modeled after a similar group in Las Vegas. Volunteers need to sign waivers, and currently they have already done several projects. The goal Zach says would be to do one cleanup project per week.

Want to learn more? Head on over to their Facebook Group HERE. If interested in joining the Yard Squad, simply reach out by Messenger or you can email them at

If you or someone you know needs help, email the group at the same address.

Lastly, they are also looking for sponsors from local businesses, to help defray costs of materials and other expenses (dump runs, trash bags, etc). So…spread the word on that as well please.

We’re thrilled to see these folks in action, and look forward to the weeks and months ahead, as we see Boulder City be even more ‘Clean and Green’, one house at a time.

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