Pets In Hot Cars … It’s A Crime Under NRS 574.195

Pet in Hot Cars in NevadaOkay, it’s about to get stinkin’ HOT outside, Folks – so this is a good time to remind … no, BEG… everyone to not take your pets with you on errands at all, especially if you’ll need to step away from the car for even a minute.

Nevada is one of 16 states that has a law on the books making it a crime to leave your dog or cat in a hot vehicle – it’s all below in NRS 574.195.

So with expected temperatures of 115 degrees in Boulder City tomorrow, if you see a pet left unattended in a car, DO NOT HESITATE to call 911 and ask dispatch to send an officer immediately to smash through a window if necessary.

Because in only 90 degree temperature, a car’s internal temperature reaches 109 in just 10 minutes and that animal may die from the heat. And even if the animal survives, it’s still animal cruelty and a crime, so RAT ‘EM OUT!

NRS 574 195 - Pets in Hot Cars in Nevada

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