Pizza Hut Closing January 27th

Pizza Hut Closing Boulder City, NV

Local fans of ‘The Hut’ better order up, as the local Boulder City Pizza Hut location, (1208 Boulder City Pkwy.) is set to close their doors on Monday, January 27th.

We’re sad to see it go, but what has created a bit of controversy are these signs the franchise owner has put up all around the building. We’re loathe to criticize any entrepreneur, and mean no disrespect to the folks at Las Vegas Pizza, LLC., but their signs seem to blame the I-11 bypass, and that is really not ringing true to us.

Pizza Hut’s problems are way bigger than any community or even regional area. Over the past decade, as the casual dining industry evolved and went through a great many cultural shifts, Pizza Hut sort of…didn’t. The chain has been slow to adapt to changing dining habits, and has fallen behind their competitors.

Over 500 Pizza Hut locations will be closing in the next few years. More importantly, as this article here explains, the chain is moving away completely from dine-in experiences to, “gradually convert its assets to delivery and takeout.” In August of 2019, the chain announced that it would “lean in” on its franchise owners, to convert over more quickly.

Delivery and take-out business. As in, locally supported by people in the local area, having thus nothing to do with drive-by traffic because of a bypass such as I-11. Sorry, Charlie.

Please note – none of the blame for any of the larger woes of the Pizza Hut corporation should be visited on any of its franchise owners, managers or staff. They don’t have control over a great many features of the company’s directions, menu, pricing and overall structure. This scenario is not of their doing, and we want to make that clear.

But in a town where we’ve nonetheless seen 3 of it’s fast food chains along the same corridor invest in substantial remodels – Taco Bell, Jack In The Box, and McDonald’s, we’re feeling OK right now. Yes, there may still be changes to our restaurant row along BC Parkway, but this one is not due to the reduced traffic, it’s other, larger issues instead.

We say sorry and farewell to this location, and do hope they return with a new concept down the way, and wish the staff and managers the best of luck!

Pizza Hut Closing Signs Boulder City, NV


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