Pool Dome Installed for the Season

The Boulder City Parks and Recreation, Aquatics Division, along with staff from the Public Works Department, recently installed the Air Support Structure – frequently referred to by residents as “the Dome” – over the pool, signifying the end of summer for the municipal pool.

First, the main pool is drained. Then, staff construct the fabric components of the structure. Angle iron is bolted to the pool deck and then electric motors are used to inflate and maintain the structure 24 hours a day, until May. There are also two exit doors and two passageways from the bathhouse to the pool. Once the structure is inflated, the filter pit in the mechanical room is primed and recirculated, the pool heater is turned on and the main pool is put back into service.

According to Parks and Recreation Department Director, Roger Hall, “This process usually takes a complete day for completion.  The construction of the Air Structure allows the Parks and Recreation Aquatic Division to offer Aquatics year around for the residents of Boulder City.  I want to thank our Custodians, the pool staff and the staff from the Public Works Department for their outstanding work.”

The Aquatic Division schedule for October is below:

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