Second Chances Abound at Here We Go Again Thriftique

Are you looking for a store that gives second chances to well-loved items? Allow us to introduce you to Here We Go Again Thriftique where you’ll find “Your Neighborhood Treasures and Needful Things”. This store, which opened September 3rd, is located at 806 Buchanan Boulevard, Suite #114 (next to the UPS Store). Part boutique, part thrift store, part antique shop, you’ll find any number of things to capture your attention…and maybe a few of your dollars as well! the store, the brainchild of the owner, Sheri Pryby and her daughter, Ronata Hall, was born out of necessity. They were combining furnishings and appointments for three different homes and decided that it would be a great inventory for a retail store. Sheri had been a part time resident of Boulder City since 1995 and knew that her unique vision could be successful here.

Sheri arrived at small business owner through a varied career that included managing a Toyota dealership, a movie theatre, selling Tesla automobiles and owning a forklift company. She’s also had a cosmetology license, a real estate license and a tax preparation license. With all her experience and a sense of adventure, she decided that now was a good time to open her business to serve the Boulder City community.

A stroll through the store reveals all sorts of interesting finds. There are books on nearly every subject (they offer a book exchange so you’ll always have something interesting or fun to read). They have secondhand clothing for babies to adults. There are toys for children and tools for adults. There are the standard kitchen items, of course, as well as a collection of antique shaving cups and straight razors. A recent visit also saw a display of handmade jewelry. Another interesting feature of the store is a notebook where shoppers can write down items they may be in search of, so that Sheri and Ronata can refer to it as they receive items at the store.

They accept all donations (excluding large furniture) during store hours. The store is open Tuesday thru Friday from 11:00AM to 5:00PM and Saturday from 12:00PM to 5:00PM. The store is closed Sunday and Monday. They ask that you not leave items outside the store outside of business hours. They also don’t accept items on consignment, but everything in the store, including the artwork on the walls is for sale! You can find the store on Facebook HERE.

With Small Business Saturday happening this weekend, it’s the perfect time to go visit Sheri and Ronata and see what secondhand treasures you can find!

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