Utility Shutoff And Fees Pause Extended

Utility Billing Extended Forgiveness Boulder City, NV

A little bit of good news for those who are struggling financially in Boulder City – the City of Boulder City is extending their pause on utility fees and shutoffs until the end of March 2021. Initially they had said a few weeks ago that normal practices would resume come the new year, but they have changed their minds.

Lisa LaPlante, the Communications Manager for Boulder City shares with us, “The City of Boulder City, after the extension of the State’s eviction moratorium through March 2021, has determined that the pause on utility shutoffs and late fees will be extended as well. Residents in arrears must contact the City if they cannot pay their utility bills; staff continue to provide resources and information for payment plans and financial aid available through several community organizations.”

We asked her a few weeks ago for some data as to how many of our folks in town are struggling. What she shared was interesting: the number of accounts who are in this situation as of December 2020, is actually lower than in years past. Currently, there are 1,278 accounts in arrears, as compared to 1,280 cases in 2019, and even higher at 1,380 in 2018. So the numbers are about the same as last year and actually lower than 2018.

But the bottom line is this – we know many folks are seriously struggling out there. If you’re one of them, please don’t suffer in silence. Get help! You can learn more on the City’s web site HERE. The City is happy to put folks in touch with Emergency Aid, and they are ready to help those in need. So please know that our community is there for you – and if you’re like us and one of the lucky ones, let’s keep giving to our local charities, as the needs of others will likely continue for quite some time.

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