Your 2021 City Council Candidates

2021 City Council Candidates Boulder City, Nevada

It’s been said that apathy is the enemy of democracy. Well, we’d say then based on the fact that we’ve got 13 candidates running for two open seats on our City Council – that our little democracy is alive and well in Boulder City!

The official filing period for candidates has now opened and closed, so here is the official list, (alphabetically, in order as also represented in the photo array above, left to right, top to bottom):

  • Paul Bageman
  • Cokie Booth
  • Charles Bullen
  • Christian Clinton
  • Zachary Cummings
  • Gregory Deaver
  • Brent Foutz
  • Mathew Fox
  • Michael Guccione
  • Judith A. Hoskins
  • Sherri Jorgensen
  • Ray Turner
  • Tanya Vece

The Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, April 6th, so there’s a lot of homework for all of us to do! At that time, (based upon my understanding) we will all vote, and the top four will move on to the final election in June.

To help we’re doing a couple of things for ya to help get to know the candidates better:

  1. Below we’ve got Bios for you of all of the candidates who have responded to our inquiries. Not all were ready with this info as of this publishing time, so as they reply to us, we’ll add their info below. So keep checking back.
  2. EVEN BETTER – we’ve partnered with Roger Gros to do an informative Podcast interview series with hopefully all of the candidates! The first one will drop tomorrow Sunday, February 7th!

Full Biographies can be found on the City’s web site HERE. Below are some brief Biographies on each of the candidates, as we have received them, edited for length:

Cokie Booth: Cokie is a Real Estate Agent with her own brokerage and has been involved in a great many community programs over the years, such as the Boys and Girls Club, the Boulder City Community Club, the Planning Commission and was awarded the 1999-2000 the Boys and Girls Club Women of the Year. I want to represent Boulder City by preserving Boulder City’s heritage and traditions and to be a conduit for improvement.

Charles Bullen: I joined the United States Air Force and spent 10 years before receiving, an Honorable discharge. After my Air Force career, I started a career in civil service for 25 years to present. I moved to Boulder City in 2008, it reminded me of the small town I grew up in Alabama. I married my wife Kimberly, who has worked in Boulder City for 25 years. Now Boulder City is where I call home and I think it is time for a New Vision.

Christian Clinton: I am a Boulder City resident who, with his wife Kamille, has lived in our City for over the past two years is firmly focused on working tirelessly to preserve the community and help it recover from the pandemic. I am presently the General Manager of Art Houz, and intend to utilize what I have learned from over eleven years of experience working in the food and hospitality industry. I am geared towards preserving the past for the future but working with the community to implement ways that keep Boulder City moving forward. Clinton 32-year-old, born in California but who moved to Nevada in his childhood. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Food & Beverage Management and years of industry experience.

Zachary Cummings: Since 1997, I have had the pleasure of calling Boulder City my home. I have learned about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in our schools – graduating with honors amongst my peers. I have built a life for myself in Boulder City and now feel it is my civic duty to give back and serve the community that I admire so much. I represent our current generation of growing families with modernized, yet traditional values, and hope you’ll join me in the vision and hope I have for keeping Boulder City great and preserving the legacy created by this community.

Gregory Deaver: I was born and raised in Southern Nevada and graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Nevada State College. I purchased a home in Boulder City three years ago because of the small town culture and the quiet style of life. I do not support any resolutions that could conflict with the slow growth policies of this fine city. I have been running a small business for four years. Over those years, I learned how to manage expenditures to prevent needless spending that could hurt my company’s bottom line. I would bring this experience to the city as it is important to keep the government operating within its means, ready to combat another financial shock if necessary.

Mathew Fox: My name is Matt Fox, of Fox Smokehouse BBQ. Not to be confused with my father Dan Fox, of Fox Smokehouse BBQ who opened up the restaurant with his wife Kelly back in 2013. My family and I have been BC residents for a couple years. I grew up in Southern California, but spent my summers in BC. I spent most of my career in the food service sales industry where I learned how to strategically grow, retain, and manage a large territory. I made the jump to the other side of the food industry to help out my parents with Fox Smokehouse BBQ and use my knowledge to effectively run and grow the family business. Growing up I always knew I would be in Boulder City to raise a family. I always referred Boulder City as a “ Leave it to Beaver”  type of town because everyone knows everyone and I wouldn’t want any other place to raise our children. I have a wonderful wife named Kelly and we have 3 awesome boys named James, Jacob and Joe. We plan on keeping our family roots deep in Boulder City to help maintain what we all love about our small town Boulder City. 

Judith Hoskins: Appointed in November 2019, I have and will continue to invest the time and energy needed to research items and make thoughtful decisions for our City. Preparation and careful consideration of public policy choices are my touchstones. It requires a tremendous amount of time and experience to comprehensively process the thousands of pages of background material, a task I excel at and relish. Meetings for other government agencies in Clark County, where I represent our City, require an equivalent amount of preparation. I will continue to work diligently to protect and improve our unique and beautiful town, preserve our history, achieve financial stability, encourage, support, and grow our local businesses, and work to beat the pandemic. Accessibility and rapid responses to constituents are among my core values.

Sherri Jorgensen: I have lived in Boulder City for over 20 years and been blessed to raise my family here. With my last child graduating from High School, I am now in a place where I can dedicate more time to serving the city that has so faithfully served me. I want to be the person that represents all the citizens of Boulder City. I do not come with any preconceived agenda but rather a listening ear ready to hear my community. I believe being a city council member provides a unique opportunity to listen to the citizens that live in Boulder City and then make decisions based on that input. My parents have retired here, I have raised my children here, and I plan on staying here. I love that Boulder City is filled with history and charm. I love that we have a growth ordinance and no gambling. I love that we support each other. There is so much that is unique and good about this city, and I plan on working hard to keep it that way.

Tanya Vece: Tanya Vece has lived in Boulder City, Nevada since 2012. She has volunteered with the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce for various events and received the Goldie Begley Energizer Award presented by The Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, she served on the board of the Boulder City Museum and Historical Association and was a volunteer turned paid consultant for the Dam Short Film Festival. She has worked as the Marketing Director for The Homestead Assisted Living in Boulder City where she took on coordinating the city’s annual Easter egg hunt and hosting various events with Boulder City’s senior center.Tanya also worked as a liaison for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) program in conjunction with the city’s Drug Court program. Tanya hopes to be a vocal advocate for Boulder City’s Business community and wishes to champion unique tourism efforts and City brand visibility to help increase profit margins while maintaining growth limitations. She has also worked closely with the senior community in Boulder City and is looking forward to representing issues unique to that demographic.

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