Yard Sales

Having a yard sale in Boulder City and want it listed on our Event Calendar for free? No problem … just complete the form below and we’ll take care of it for ya! Because this IS a free service, we have just a few guidelines to help us keep it from becoming overwhelming on our end. They’re super easy though!

  1. Yard sales must be at residential properties in Boulder City or be a not-for-profit fundraising ‘rummage sale’ located on their own commercial property.
  2. ‘Swap Meet’ or ‘Farmer’s Market’ – type events are not eligible, whether or not not-for-profit organizations are participating as one of the vendors.
  3. They must be ‘traditional’ yard or garage sales, consisting of your multiple personally used items on display in your garage or yard on specific day(s) & time(s) … (i.e. we’re not a Craig’s List alternative for individual items that people should call you about coming to see.)
  4. Please submit your yard sale no earlier than one week (7 days) before the first date of your sale.
  5. The deadline submission for the upcoming weekend is THURSDAYS at 5pm.
  6. We cannot remove or edit your listing if you cancel, change or forgot something.

Once you’ve submitted the form below, you will receive an auto-confirmation letting you know it arrived a-okay and we’ll typically post your sale within 24 hours (but not until the Sunday before your sale if you submitted it earlier than that). Okay … LET’S GO!

  • Please include the days of the week, the month and dates (for example: "Fri. Jan. 1 & Sat. Jan. 2").
  • To allow people to look up directions, please provide a specific street address, not just a general neighborhood description.
  • For those folks who aren't mapping out their route online! 🙂
  • Feel free to list some items you are selling, etc ... or anything you like!
  • This is for Boulder City Social's use ONLY ... it's for your submission confirmation or in case I have a question/concern about your listing. It will not be published or used for any other reason.