The Holistic Health Benefits of Mushrooms

for The Health of Our Pets Boulder City, NV

Mushroom this, Mushroom that. We see it everywhere. You can’t open social media or an add without seeing it.

What is the mushroom craze all about? Well it’s simple. Mushrooms are AMAZING! They are natural, easy, they need little water, little light, and little space to grow.

In the documentary “Fantastic fungi” they show how powerful they are from the healing effects of some to the psychedelic-assisted therapy benefits for others.

I have been working with Mushroom Therapy for over 6 years. I have seen amazing results in humans and animals.

The most exciting mushroom in my opinion is the Coriolus Versicolor (generic name Turkey Tail shown below). This mushroom gets its name as it looks like a beautiful turkey tail when it is in its full fruited bloom.

The Coriolus Versicolor (CV) is the most medically studied mushroom of them all. With over 400 medical studies ( from great institutions such as MD Anderson, Sloan Kettering, and Yale, to name a few. The CV mushroom has no known drug interactions and the only side effects reported are the possibility of darkening finger nails and/or stool.

The most important thing to know is when it is in full bloom the potency starts to diminish. The PSP (polysaccharide peptides) PSK (polysaccharide krestins) are an important component in this proprietary strain, and the cultivation and extraction method is critical.

This mushroom also supports the immune system. Simply giving the immune system the support it needs to fight off the smallest conditions to the most catastrophic. When the immune system is perfectly working, everything else falls into place.

One good thing that came out of Covid was the new awareness of how important our immune system is. Unfortunately, we have compromised it with processed, foods, water, chemicals, and other toxins.

Our company: features this mushroom in Dog, Cat, Horse, and human products.

I have seen so many positive results with this mushroom from my own journey into remission with cancer to allergy relief, auto immune disease relief, and inflammation reduction.

Animals are dying of cancer at an increased rate. Approximately 50% of dogs who die at a veterinary office are from cancer. In animals we have seen increase energy, tumor reduction, skin and coat improvement. Penn State Veterinarian School says, “If your Dog has Cancer and takes the Coriolus Versicolor mushroom it will live longer and healthier” Our product was recently featured and endorsed on The Dr. Drew show as well.

We also work with the Reashi mushroom for heart and blood pressure support. The Mitaki mushroom for liver, pancreas, IBS, and diabetes support. The ‘Lions Mane’ for dementia, depression anxiety support.

As with all supplements, consult with your medical professional prior to adding to daily regimen.

I am available to help with your Mushroom Therapy questions. To learn more please contact me, Dyanah, at

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