Boulder City Midterm Election Results 2018

MidTerm Election Results Boulder City, Nevada

Record turnout at the polls yesterday had us all staying up late to watch the returns roll in, with a 62% voter turnout statewide! For a midterm election that’s a HUGE turnout, as compared to 2014 (the last mid-term election) with less than half of registered voters at 45.56%. Good for us! Glad to see we all got out and voted!

We have a new Governor, Steve Sisolak, the first Democratic Governor in our state in quite a while. Also in a contentious race Democrat Jacky Rosen unseated existing Senator Dean Heller.

But let’s get to our local races now – the issues and results that mattered to us in Boulder City.

Boulder City Ballot Questions

Boulder City Ballot Question #1

Authorizing the City to spend up to $750,000 from the Capital Improvement Fund, as funds become available, to purchase a new fire engine. Passed 56.08% Yes, 43.92% No

Boulder City Ballot Question #2

The City cannot refinance it’s debt without voter approval. No at 60.57% to Yes at 39.43%

Boulder City Question #3

Citizens did not wish to amend the Boulder City Charter to establish a separate department to administer utility functions. No at 55.56% versus yes at 44.44%

Boulder City Question #4

The Library did not get the Bond funding of $10,570,000 for its desired expansion. No 67.88% and Yes, only 32.12%


Local Races

Justice of the Peace

This contentious race went handily to the existing Judge Victor Lee Miller with 70.40% of the voters approving his remaining on the bench, versus 29.60% voting for Robert D. Martin.

Clark County Clerk

Local Lynn Goya was retained as the Democratic Clark County Clerk with 57.24% of the vote, beating her challenger Lloyd Minddie.

State Assembly District 23

Local Glen Leavitt defeated Preta Ralph with 71.50% of the vote.

State Regent University District 12

While not a local race, a local was in the race who won her spot as Regent with 60.94% of the vote – that being Amy Carvalho, who many if you might know as the co-owner (along with her husband Tom) of our local 7-Eleven gas and convenience store on Nevada Way.


State Ballot Questions

Question #1

An Amendment to the Nevada Constitution to adopt specific stated constitutional rights for crime victims passed. Yes 62.69%, Not 37.31%

Question #2

Passed at 60.08% versus 39.92% to amend the State Sales and Use Tax to exclude sales of feminine hygiene products.

Question #3

The contentious energy question to Amend the Nevada Constitution to establish a deregulated energy market did not pass, with 61.37% voting No as compared to 38.63% voting Yes.

Question #4

Also an Amendment to the State Constitution to exempt durable medical equipment, oxygen equipment and mobility enhancing equipment from sales taxes was approved by a 70.86% Yes vote versus the No vote at 29.14%.

Question #5

Was approved, which was the automatic voter registration at the DMV with a Yes vote at 64.27% versus 35.73%.

Question #6

Passed with a Yes vote of 64.12%. This will require (beginning in 2022) that all providers of electric utility services who sell electricity in Nevada gradually increase the percentages of power that are from renewable sources, and that by 2030 that level should reach 50% of the total amount of electricity generated. (What does that mean for us in Boulder City then, we wonder?)

For all the election results you can visit the County website HERE – and Congratulations to the winners! Now, maybe we can get back to talking about other things in our community?!?

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