Change To Controlled Growth Ordinance On Ballot As A VOTE

City Hall in Boulder City, NevadaI’ve been waiting for the video of last night’s City Council meeting to be posted to the city’s website, but alas – it must not be ready yet … probably because the meeting went for somewhere around 4 hours, we hear!

Much of the hullabaloo seems to have been centered around the change the controlled growth ordinance advisory questions on the upcoming ballot to an actual ballot initiative.  So Boulder City residents will actually be voting for or against the ordinance change instead of just giving their opinion on the topic.

Here’s the skinny:  As it stands now, the Controlled Growth Management Plan limits the number of allotments available in any given construction year to 120.  The ballot initiative does NOT seek to amend this portion of the growth ordinance that “caps” the number of new homes permitted to be built per year.

What it DOES seek to amend is the current restriction that an individual developer may not build more than 30 of the permitted 120 homes per year.

So the ballot initiative is seeking to amend the current ordinance to remove the “number of allotments” permitted per developer, but it does not change the overall limit of 120 per year.  This is now an actual vote, so you’ll be voting for or against changing the ordinance.

On a separate, but related note … the advisory question that WILL still appear on the ballot (remaining as an advisory question only) is to ask the voters IF a public access on-ramp/off-ramp interchange should be constructed at the intersection of Buchannan Blvd. and Interstate 11.

There has been a recent movement to have a “Buchanan exit” on the I-11 so that highway travelers have another opportunity to come to Boulder City if they missed the turn-offs on each side of town.

Again though, this is just an advisory question … a ‘taking of the town’s temperature’ on the matter, if you will!

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