City Council Agenda Items of Interest

City Hall in Boulder City, NevadaWith so many proposed changes to Boulder City life on the horizon, I’m thinking periodic posts to provide brief (and easily digestible) updates on current city and governmental issues are now in order — particularly as we are about to enter into an election season for two City Council seats. And if the 2016 Presidential Election taught us anything, it was that being informed is vitally important for folks on both sides of any issue.

Naturally, posts about government and political issues opens up discussion on our Facebook page, but I think that’s a good thing, particularly when the discussion is respectful. There will, of course, be vast differences of opinion but with 7 years under their belts, (almost) all of BC Social’s fans have proven that a healthy discussion CAN happen without name-calling, slander, swearing (which FB automatically blocks, btw) and so on, right? 🙂

Okay – all that said (and with fingers crossed) … let’s dip our toes in with a few items of interest (in numerical order) included in the City Council Agenda Packet that was released yesterday.  Page numbers are included with each item below and you can access the full agenda by CLICKING HERE. Please note that I just post things that grab my attention and I think will be of top interest. The packets are LONG, so if there is anything you feel is important and I didn’t include, you are absolutely welcome to introduce it into the discussion on Facebook, of course!

Item #8 (page 127)

Appeal of the Planning Commission’s conditional approval of variances at 1501 Nevada Hwy, which is the property for proposed townhomes at the site of the former mobile home park.  You can read more about this issue starting on page 127, but in short:

  • The variance requested by RPS Homes is to “permit reduced front, side and rear setbacks (as low as 0’); lot widths (49’), lot depths (57’) and RV parking spaces (9), whereas Chapter 11-5 of the City Code has minimum standards for front setbacks (15’), side setbacks (6’ minimum, 20’ total; 15’ abutting street), rear setbacks (20’), lot widths (70’), lot depths (100’) and Chapter 11-23 requires 27 RV spaces.”
  • The appeal filed by Kiernan McManus cites that the project is “not in compliance with the existing code and zoning classification requirements” and also that “the Staff Report is grossly biased in favor of the applicant“.

Update Here: The appeal was denied, meaning the variances were granted with a vote of 4 in favor (Woodbury, Leavitt, McCoy, & Shuman) and 1 opposed (Walker).  If you would like to watch this portion of the meeting, the regular agenda item begins HERE at 10 minutes and 28 seconds and the Council’s discussion begins at 1 hour, 35 minutes and 30 seconds.

Item #9A (page 175)

The City Council’s opportunity to add ballot questions for the June 13th, 2017 General Election.  We’ll update this post after the council meeting (likely as we’ve done in the past, which is after the video stream has been posted to the City’s website so you can watch it).  A historical list of all ballot questions is provided, starting on page 177.

Update Here: No ballot question were added, but Councilman Walker raised the topic of a proposed ballot question for a new pool using solar lease revenue.  City staff will research whether a ballot question is required for the motion and return with the info. If you would like to watch this portion of the meeting, the regular agenda item begins HERE at 3 minutes and 55 seconds.

Item #10 (Page 187)

In May 2015 (after 15 years of no increases), the annual salaries of the Mayor and members of the City Council were increased to $26,000 (up from $13,899) for the Mayor and $20,000 (up from $11,203) for Council members.  The ordinance (#1544) requires the Council to meet every 2 years prior to candidate filing to reevaluate the salaries and make any adjustments, if necessary.

Update Here: No adjustments to the current annual salary parameters were made.

Item #11 (Page 199)

City Council will be making committee and commission appointments at Tuesday night’s meeting, including the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Planning Commission and the Historical Preservation Committee (they are 4 year terms).  Details are:

  • The term of Chuck Pickens of the Parks and Recreation Committee expired January 4 and he is interested in re-appointment. Other candidates have applied for this position and you can review the applicants’ applications starting on page 202. Update: Chuck Pickens was reappointed and a 2nd position opened up to fill a seat that just opened due to a member moving out of state.  Lisa Morris was selected for the remaining 2 years of the recently opened seat.
  • The terms of Steve Walton and John Redlinger of the Planning Commission expired January 1 and they are both interested in re-appointment.  Other candidates have applied for these positions … you can review their applications starting on page 216. Update: Mayor Woodbury abstained  due to a potential conflict of interest relating to candidate Michael Giroux.  Councilman McCoy nominated Steve Walton for reappointment and Council Cam Walker nominated Ernie Biasci for appointment.  Both were unanimously confirmed.
  • Alan Stromberg resigned from the Historic Preservation Committee (so we can safely assume he’s not interested in re-appointment) and an appointment is needed to fill his unexpired term, which will end on August 31, 2018.  There are applications for this position, which you can review starting on page 242. Update: Rudy Kraft was nominated by Councilman McCoy and approved by a 3-2 vote (Leavitt, McCoy, & Walker).

How to Apply for Consideration: I don’t know what the deadline is for submitting applications to serve on any of these committees (i.e. if you can apply now and be included for consideration at Tuesday night’s meeting) – but in order to be considered (now or later), you must complete a Volunteer Data Sheet (available here) and submit it to the City Clerk’s office.

The City’s website says: “The citizens of Boulder City play an active role in City government by serving on various committees and commissions. We invite all residents to consider the possibility of serving the community by participating and making recommendations regarding the future of Boulder City.”, so if you would like to make a difference in the direction Boulder City takes going forward … this is the best way to do it!

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