Fifth Ballot Question To Be Added

Breaking News 5th Ballot Question Added Boulder City, NV

We have to tell ya – this election season for 2019 is shaping up to be a wild one!

Today we got word that there will be a 5th Ballot Question to be added into the mix. It will be an ask from the Boulder City Library to fund a proposed expansion into the existing open basement space, which was defeated last November. We reached out to Library Director, Kim Diehm, and here’s what she had to say:

“It’s no doubt the library community was saddened by the ballot issue loss last November. The thought of not being able to use the empty space we are sitting on to grow current services and collections seems like a lack of good stewardship. The individuals on the Board of Trustees that passed the original bond issue to build the library had a vision to expand the basement into two phases for growth. The idea was that we would outgrow the current space in about 20 years, and we are nearly there.

The current Board of Trustees and LGA Architects have gone back to revise the renovation plans to eliminate all non-essential features. Areas to be cut are the upstairs balcony, the central stairwell, half of the planned youth area, and youth outdoor play area. Areas determined to be essential and that will remain in the plans are the proposed new entrance, study rooms, and meeting rooms. The new entrance will alleviate the long walk to enter the building. Study and meeting rooms are in such high demand that we turn away groups every week. The new space will accommodate plans for the relief of the crowded large print books, the books in the new arrival section, the DVDs, and CDs.

The revised plans have brought the total proposed general obligation bonds request to $8.685 million, roughly $2 million less than before. The impact on the homeowner will be a $0.09 property tax. The value of impact on a home with taxable value of $300,000 would be $126 annually. That breaks down to $10.50 a month, nearly the cost of 2 lattes! “

If you missed our earlier article on the initial release of the other 4 initiatives, you can review that HERE.

Also of note, is that the City of Boulder City Clerk’s Office is still actively seeking community volunteers to help form the arguments (both Pro and Con) for each of the current Ballot Questions. If you’re interested, you can learn how to volunteer on this webpage.

But Wait! What About the Candidates, You Ask?

Don’t worry – we’ve been watching all of that activity too! So far there are 3 candidates for Mayor and a total of 6 candidates who will compete for two seats on the City Council. A Primary (to be held in April) will definitely be required, and once the filling deadline closes on January 31st – we’ll have a list of ALL of the candidates for you then!

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