Local Authors: Meet Pam Honey

Authors Pam Honey Boulder City, Nevada

Today we’re excited to introduce you to another local author, Pam Honey. In case you’ve missed previous articles, we’ve learned that there are nearly two dozen authors locally here in town. We created this series to share the authors stories and to let all of you – prospective readers – get to hear about their works. (If you’ve missed our previous columns, we’ve got links for you at the bottom of this page.)

Please share a short bio to introduce yourself.

I was born in St. George, Utah and raised in Las Vegas until moving to Boulder City at age 12.  I graduated from Boulder City High School in 1986 and attended college at SUU and UNLV graduating in 1990.  I married my handsome prince charming in 1991 and we raised three amazing boys here in Clean Green Boulder City.  Their greatest gift to us is three adorable grandchildren.  I teach 3rd grade here in Boulder City at Martha P. King. I buzz around The Happy Honey Hive teaching these precious children that unity and self confidence is just as important as reading and writing!  This earned me The Heart of Education Award award in 2020 nominated by one of my students.  I am honored to live, love, work, and play in this wonderful city! I am so excited to introduce my book From Autism to Royalty-The Freshman Prince of Bould-air. You can order your copy on her website HERE.

Please tell us about the book(s) you’ve written and a short synopsis. 

As the mother of three boys, I seemingly had enough on my plate.  Then I noticed that my middle son was behaving differently than my other two boys.  It seemed as if a thief had been lurking and then suddenly crept in during the night and secretly kidnapped our son, and then put someone else’s spirit back inside our precious Jordan.  Something was very wrong.

I tell the story of how I dealt with doctors, teachers, and my own internal struggle to raise a son with autism in a world that seemed bent on ignoring him.  My passion to save this boy came when doctors told us that our son would be institutionalized by age 13. This ignited a fire that burned down deeply to save our son. From tragedy to triumph, you will laugh, cry, and cheer with us mom and son overcome a world of challenges.

What inspired you to write it?

When our son was diagnosed with autism, I was very alone.  There were very few resources and I wanted those facing these same challenges to have a story of hope and encouragement.

What do you hope your readers experience or learn from reading your work?

When readers walk away with renewed power and energy that they can conquer their challenges with confidence…. then every ounce of energy spent on this book was worth it!

 Many of the reviews  have reflected exactly what we had hoped for:

“There are no words… I read your story last night.  I laughed and cried, then laughed and cried some more.  Many times I just wanted to run over and hug you all myself.  Simply incredible… one of the most amazing examples of the miraculous power of a “mother’s love” for her children.  I am in awe.  Jennifer B.

 “Just finished your book, you had me enthralled: in tears one moment and laughing out loud the next.  Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story.  Linda S.

“What a beautifully written tribute that should be required reading for every student and parent! Thank you! Thank you! This is powerful! Charlene R.

When and how did you publish it?

I began writing this book about 10 years ago.  I finished it and sent the manuscript to a few family members to read.  Then I started teaching elementary school which consumed my whole life.  Who starts a career at 47?  In January my brother surprised all of us with the published book.  Sobbing, we were ecstatic!! We self-published in April.

What events in your life contributed to your becoming an author?

Trudging through a difficult path inspired me to want to help others.  Jordan and I dream of speaking at autism conferences to give hope to those who are now struggling to find a voice for their children.

Did you take any formal or informal classes or seminars in writing? What would you say to other would-be authors about the process of writing?

I did not take any writing classes.  This literally came from the heart. Everyone has a story to tell.  I would say to would-be authors, “Read From Autism to Royalty” with your story and your goal in mind. Let our triumphs be your triumphs.  Picture your story, picture your dream, picture you writing your book and finishing your book and then watch it all happen! You can do it!! Enjoy the journey!!

How long have you lived in Boulder City? What do you like most about living here?

I have lived in Beautiful Boulder for 41 years minus a couple years at college and a couple years in Henderson when we were first married.  My most favorite part of Boulder City are the people.  I LOVE the small town fun, the parades, running into friends wherever we go….. the safety…… the togetherness!  It’s the best!!

Any other thoughts you’d like our readers to know about you or your work?

Here are a few more thoughts from readers of From Austim to Royalty:

If you are lucky enough to know the Honey family, then you can’t help but love them. Especially Jordan. Everyone should read this book. Grab yourself a copy and snuggle up for a few hours.  You won’t be able to put it down. Samantha P.

I am not a reader but I read the book in one day. I cannot explain the feeling that I am having.  I have never felt this before. I held it together until I came to the part where Prince Charming said, “Cinderella, can I have this dance?” I lost it.  Isn’t this something that here’s a mother who was like a battered flower who has been able to blossom into a beautiful rose. Cheri E.

I LOVE your book.  It is amazing! I cried, and laughed, and cried some more. I read it in one day.  What a phenomenal gift you fought for, for your prince.  I have a grandson with William Syndrome. His mom, like you, has used his diagnosis as a tool, not an excuse to help our boy be successful in this world. I can’t wait for his parents to read your book. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, raw, heart breaking, heart full of joy, love filled story with the world.  Pam Honey, you did the right thing.  Brenda T.

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