Nevada Hwy Becoming Boulder City Parkway

Boulder City Parkway Freeway SignUS Highway 93 will have “Boulder City Parkway” added to it over the course of the next year…the goal being to have our town’s name featured more prominently on freeway signs before the Interstate 11 transition at Railroad Pass.

In the same way that “Summerlin Parkway” promotes the name of that city on adjacent freeway signage – the idea is that drivers will know sooner rather than later that the LOVELY town of Boulder City is just up ahead of them instead of bypassing us by staying on the I-11.

The name alteration affects what is currently referred to as Nevada Highway – so stretching from Railroad Pass to the stoplight at Buchanan. The street from Buchanan into the historic district will remain Nevada Way.

This, of course, means a street name change to affected businesses, so the (at least) year-long process is intended to give them time to make the necessary changes to anything listing their street address (think flyers, business cards, stationery, etc.).

Disclaimer: I made this mockup of the freeway sign, so I don’t have any confirmation of which exits will be listed or how…could be “US-93/Boulder City Parkway”?

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