A Few Updates From The Latest City Council Meeting

City Hall Boulder City, Nevada

A few updates for you from this past Tuesday’s City Council meeting (on January 26, 2021) that we thought were noteworthy:

City Manager/City Attorney Positions

It was announced just this week on Tuesday morning, that they have officially begun the search for our new City Manager and City Attorney positions, both of which were vacated when both were fired back on October 14th (2020). The City’s recruitment page was taken live, and you can see that HERE. It was announced on Tuesday’s meeting that they have already had a total of 26 applicants for the two positions. So, that’s an excellent start we’re guessing!

We actually had wondered why it had taken so long when we first heard that news. After all, our Acting positions were filed very quickly, just one week later, and we certainly know that the Council had been trying to accomplish this for some time. But it was explained to us that this is actually pretty typical in terms of the timing. Much has to be done in a government setting that we’re not used to in the private sector: they have to find a search firm, settle on a salary range for both positions, review a bunch of paperwork, and then as we all know we have the pandemic and the Holiday seasonal breaks in the mix too. We hope this process goes well and that we get some wonderful high-quality applicants to fulfill these important roles!

Updates To City Code

Normally our eyes glaze over when we start talking about nerdy stuff like ‘City Code’ changes, but once in a while these pesky little details can really matter. This is one of those times when they might.

Apparently there were some inconsistencies that needed to be cleaned up on our Government Zone buildings and the codes for both who and what types of organizations can receive reduced or free rent for non-profits. Also of issue were some text edits affecting the work that would be allowed in some of our Government, City Owned buildings. Both measures put before Council passed, which is good (in our opinion) because it affects and insures the smooth operations of existing BC non-profits in their current locations; those such as the Senior Center and Emergency Aid, for example. These changes also pave the way for the hopeful upcoming move and expansion of Lend A Hand into the ABC Park Building C that is being worked on now. This is a popular idea that has received support from both the City Staff and Council overall.

The other approval that was passed was to specifically restrict any reduction in rent to any non-profit that is not specifically a 501c(3) designated organization. The change is not retroactive, but they felt it was necessary to clarify going forward, due to a request that had been made by the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce last year. The measure was put forth by Mayor McManus, and passed on a 4 – 1 vote, with Claudia Bridges voting No.

At issue of course is the future of whatever may become of the Water Filtration Building which is currently zoned as a Government Park, which was also passed last year. Mayor McManus mentioned in the State of the City Address that he wishes to see a plan move forward utilizing RDA funds to do something to protect and preserve that building. So, guess we’ll just wait and watch on that important topic.

Ballot Questions

We were actually thinking we might have the complete list for you on the upcoming Ballot Questions that have been discussed for this coming 2021 June Municipal Election.

However, the three questions on the city pool are being held in abeyance because they don’t feel they have complete information on them yet. But one question that has been getting a lot of interest lately, which surrounds the airport and a possible air traffic control tower, was voted down. It’s not a new discussion, as we told you back in our 2018 interview with then Airport Manager, Jennifer Lopez explained how busy our airport has become and the issues of safety that have naturally arisen from that. The Mayor has asserted that the issue is about potential growth at the airport, but his other colleagues have not agreed with his point of view, and Council members Adams, Bridges and Hoskins all voted it down.

We’ll keep you posted when all of the 2021 Ballot Questions are finalized and ready to be reviewed and discussed.

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