Blue Lights Locally to Show Support for BCPD

Blue Lights Dorothy Boulder City, Nevada

There’s a grass roots campaign in town that is springing up in a few neighborhoods, based upon inspiration from a news story on Fox News about an area in Mesquite who lit up their neighborhood in blue lights to show support for local police.

Like you, we saw this idea put up on Facebbok, but knew it needed a champion. Looks like local Realtor Kim Kelly-Reed took it upon herself to take action!

The Dorothy street resident started sourcing blue light bulbs all over town. She purchased over a few dozen and thought about how she might distribute them. The costs varied widely by supplier, and ultimately she decided that she would just share them with neighbors by personally explaining the campaign that had happened in Mesquite, and asking neighbors if they would also add a blue light. She tells us that some were so enthusiastic, they literally swapped out their old light bulb for the new blue one right in front of her!

Where she couldn’t talk to folks directly, she left the bulbs with a note on their front porches. Some bulbs fit for some homeowners and others didn’t, and thoughtful neighbors returned ones that didn’t fit so that others could have them.

Dorothy street residents have now almost completely got their blue lights shining, and we’re hearing that others in town are doing the same!

It’s a nice way to show support for the men and women in our Boulder City Police Department who wear the uniform and help protect and serve us here in the community! If you want to participate or learn more, you can check out the running post on Facebook, or simply order a blue bulb yourself online or from Walmart, etc.

Here’s the original story on Fox News, which has gained national attention, below:

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