New Residential Housing Proposals for Boulder City

There has been SO much talk in recent months about the future growth of Boulder City and frankly, there are so many moving parts that we’ve intentionally delayed posting about this very hot topic until we had something fairly clear to provide by way of information of what’s being proposed and by whom.  All for your consideration and once you’ve read through everything, possibly weigh in with your thoughts on our Facebook post about this issue, which you can find by CLICKING HERE.

As you may already know, the Land Management Plan for 2017 is currently under consideration and in fact, there will be a “Residential Lands Workshop” (a presentation & meeting with the opportunity to have discussion) on January 25th at 6pm in the Elaine K. Smith Center (700 Wyoming St.).

Below is a map from the Community Development Department (with enlarged legend items I included above it that are specifically relevant to my bullet points below). So let’s dig into some color analysis of what the map means:

  • SOLID RED: This is land that has already been adopted into the Land Management Plan. Now, that’s not to say that anything WILL be done with it … but it seems the rules are that there can be no public discussion (by the City Council) until something is formally submitted and put on the LMP. So everything in red is an area that has been set aside for lease (or is already leased). Council can and is entertaining inquiries/offers for the red areas … or they might ultimately come off the LMP.
  • YELLOW STRIPES (that I’ve circled in purple): The majority of this is the land that RPS Homes has requested to use for the development of up to 2,000 homes in an area called Boulder Highlands (Website Here | Facebook Page Here). RPS Homes has requested not to purchase the land from Boulder City, but to trade it for land they own that is in unincorporated Clark County (generally down in the lower left area of the map below, adjacent to the red areas already in the LMP). Yellow-striped land is also on Adams Blvd. where the old airport was located.
  • ORANGE STRIPES: (that I’ve circled in pink): This is land that the City Council has placed on the Land Management Plan for where they wish to see residential growth – it’s the far east side of town, extending out the “horse streets” and wrapping around the Del Prado area to further extend the residential area that is east of Utah St.  I don’t know how many homes might be planned for this area (or of what size/market price) – but combined, these areas appear to be approximately the same size as the RPS development area?

Okay – that about sums up what we thought you’d want to know on this particular topic of the forthcoming discussion on residential growth in Boulder City … at least where it would/could be potentially located.  Naturally, there is still the issue of how this potential growth conflicts with the city’s growth ordinance … but we’ll save that one for another day.

You can find out more about the Land Management Plan on the City’s website at and you can even find specific application maps submitted for consideration in 2017.  To give feedback, remember that the Residential Lands Workshop will be held on January 25th at 6pm in the Elaine K. Smith Center (700 Wyoming St.).

For the original version of the below map (without my purple and pink circles, just CLICK HERE or on the map itself).

Land Management Plan 2017 for Boulder City, Nevada

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